Tuesday Tidbit #4

In the movie “Growing Up Smith”, Smith’s mother says he can have a Halloween costume after dinner as a Diwali present.  The movie claims Diwali and Halloween were on the same day, would this be factual?

Diwali is a five day celebration also known as the “festival of lights”. Diwali falls between October and November, but the exact dates change each year based on the Hindu lunar calendar.  “Growing Up Smith” took place in 1979, based on this information, did Diwali fall on or around Halloween?  It is an easy fact to look up!


Tuesday Tidbit #3

Butch’s motorcycle has meaning for Smith.  Do you remember what it is?  What kind of motorcycle does Butch have?

At first Butch and his wife are seen as culturally insensitive to Smith’s family.  What does Butch do that makes Smith feel like he can trust Butch?  What other connections does Smith make with Butch?  When the grown-up Smith comes home to his parents from India what does he see Butch doing?  How does that make Smith feel.


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Tuesday Tidbit #2


One of the cultural Indian customs presented in this movie are arranged marriages. If you recall, Smith is shown a picture of his intended bride at a very young age.  He later is sent back to India to live with his grandparents and eventually marries this woman.

Below is a link to a factual article related to arranged marriages in India.


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Movie Chat: Classic Rewinds

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This is the story of an Indian family that moves to America in 1979 with the hope of living the American Dream. Their 10-year-old son, Smith, has his own idea of what the American Dream is and this propels him and his family further away from their traditional ideals than ever before.

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