Tuesday Tidbit #2


One of the cultural Indian customs presented in this movie are arranged marriages. If you recall, Smith is shown a picture of his intended bride at a very young age.  He later is sent back to India to live with his grandparents and eventually marries this woman.

Below is a link to a factual article related to arranged marriages in India.


Is there anything that surprised or interested you in this article? Please let us know.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbit #2

  1. I was surprised to learn from the article that as many as 80% of the marriages in Southeast Asia are still arranged by parents. I thought the statement that those who enter “love marriages” do so with high expectations, and that if those expectations are not fulfilled the marriage shatters was particularly insightful.


  2. Whether a marriage is arranged or not, most people enter marriage with high expectations that, if not fulfilled, the marriage may shatter or simply crack here and there.


  3. This was a really enjoyable movie. What a great story to see how this family from India would adapt or “not” to American ways. The relationship they built with their neighbors felt real and was heart warming.


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