Tuesday Tidbit #3

Butch’s motorcycle has meaning for Smith.  Do you remember what it is?  What kind of motorcycle does Butch have?

At first Butch and his wife are seen as culturally insensitive to Smith’s family.  What does Butch do that makes Smith feel like he can trust Butch?  What other connections does Smith make with Butch?  When the grown-up Smith comes home to his parents from India what does he see Butch doing?  How does that make Smith feel.


Feel free to BLOG comments to these questions and thoughts!



One thought on “Tuesday Tidbit #3

  1. I think Smith feels he can trust Butch because Butch saves him from the bullies on more than one occasion, takes him hunting and then honors Smith’s plea to pray for the dead squirrel, and knows instinctively where to find Smith when he disappears one night. Because he understands much about the culture of this country, Butch is sort of Smith’s “American dad.”


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