Movie Chat: Classic Rewinds

Welcome to Online Movie Chat: Classic Rewinds

The Movie Chat Club is a group that meets exclusively online. On the first Tuesday of the month a movie will be unveiled.  Every Tuesday during the month interesting tidbits (Tuesday Tidbits) relating to the movie you are watching will be posted. Throughout the month you will be able to posts your comments and view the thoughts of other members through a special link posted on our website. You will have access to the monthly movie by borrowing from the Library, using the Over Drive and Hoopla Collections, or your own personal streaming membership such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, or Roku.

Registration is not required. If you choose to use either the Hoopla or Over Drive collections, you will need to create an account which is a simple process.

We hope you’ll watch and discuss along with us!                                    !Growing_Up_Smith_poster

Our movie for the month of January is Growing Up Smith.  (It is available through the Library, Hoopla, or your own personal streaming memberships.)

This is the story of an Indian family that moves to America in 1979 with the hope of living the American Dream. Their 10-year-old son, Smith, has his own idea of what the American Dream is and this propels him and his family further away from their traditional ideals than ever before.

After viewing the movie, we would love to hear from you. Questions and information pertaining to the movie will be posted every Tuesday of the month. Please respond to these Tuesday Tidbits under the comments section.

Your first Tuesday Tidbits is:

Did you learn anything from this movie? If you did, what was it? How many stars would you give the movie Growing Up Smith?


7 thoughts on “Movie Chat: Classic Rewinds

  1. As a Baby Boomer, I really connected with this movie. I believe it deserves 5 stars. So many funny references to days gone by. Really enjoyed Smith’s adaptation of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Reminded me of the struggles so many newcomers to America had to face in an effort to be accepted.


  2. I didn’t think that I would like this movie but I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of humor and one-liners throughout the movie. The nostalgia of the era was really well-played. I would give this a full 5 stars and recommend it to others. This is a good start to ‘movie chat’.


  3. I would give this delightful film 5 stars, I did learn than that it is not a good idea to wear a Halloween costume of the Hindu goddess, Ganesha in a non Hindu neighborhood. This film is a glimpse of americana in a setting of yesteryear where one can find wonderful neighbors and friendships.


  4. The music in this film brought back many memories from my own childhood. While it is not a new learning, I was reminded of the value of having a best friend.


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